​​​​​Girls Counselor

Jené Owens

​​​​​Guys Counselor

Jesse Neri

Has been a part of the youth ministry at Living Hope since 2011 and has lived in Dixon his whole life. Distance long boarder,musician, and the loudest person at youth group by far.

If you would like more information about our leaders or are interested serving youth ministry, please email our youth pastor or contact him over facebook

Volunteer since 2013, born in Italy, resident in Argentina. Nat is a volunteer in both her church in Argentina and in the U.S.. She's a passionate photographer. If stuck on an island, she'd take her Bible, cat and an In and Out burger.

​​​​​Girls Counselor

Natalia Bertoli

The "Youth Group Mom." Volunteer since 2015. A 4th grade teacher at Neighborhood Christian Shcool, has been married for 14 years and loves SpongeBob.. She, however hates spiders. Jené cooks our dinners every night for the Upper Room!

Everyone who serves within the youth ministry at Living Hope is a safe, encouraging and fun leader who has a heart to see the young hearts of Dixon grow into true men and women of God. It is an honor for us to partner with parents in the growth, guidance and development of your kids through solid Biblical teaching, counselling and genuine fellowship in a place where they feel comfortable being themselves and opening up. ​

​​​​​Youth Pastor

Matthew Johnson

"Glory to God, hope to teens"

Jesse has been a volunteer since 2013 and came on staff in the summer of 2015. Currently serving in the Air National Guard and working full time at Textron Aviation at Sacramento International Airport.