Grade: 9-12
Place: Living Hope Church

When: Thursdays

Time: 6:00-8:30​

The "Youth Group Mom." Volunteer since 2015. A 4th grade teacher at Neighborhood Christian School, has been married for 14 years and loves SpongeBob. She, however hates spiders. 

Innerstate Upper Room

We start out night in some time in fellowship then have a group discussion based on a question submitted by teens. This part of the night is geared both as an outreach to non-believers asking questions about God and the Christian faith and for believers to ask difficult questions about the Bible and our faith.

Following our group discussion, we break out for musical worship and a message given by one of our Innerstate 180 youth pastors based on the question of the night. 

Jesse has been a volunteer since 2013  Currently serving in the Air National Guard and working full time at Textron Aviation at Sacramento International Airport.

​​​​​Girls Counselor

Steph Carroll

Has been a part of the youth ministry at Living Hope since 2011 and has lived in Dixon his whole life. Distance long boarder, musician, and the loudest person at youth group by far.

​​​​​​Youth Pastor

Luke Carroll

​​​​​Guys Counselor

Dalton Bogardus

​​​​​Girls Counselor

Jené Owens

​​​​​Guys Counselor

Jesse Neri

​​​​​​Youth Pastor

Nick Pokswinski

​​​​​Girls Counselor

Amy Allio

Calvary & Grace Leaders

Living Hope Leaders

​​​​​Girls Counselor

Angie Quintero

​​​​​​Youth Pastor

Matthew Johnson

If you would like more information about our leaders or are interested serving youth ministry, please email our youth pastor or contact him over facebook