Upper Room

Bible Study

"Glory to God, hope to teens"

Innerstate 180

As the Apostle Paul would testify, people groups are very diverse in their culture, language, beliefs and background. That is why it is our belief that although there is only one true God and one true Way to Him, operating in one style of ministry that leads youth into a relationship with Jesus is a losing approach. It is our vision to see as many come to Christ as possible which is why we strive for variety within the programming in Living Hope youth ministry. It is our goal that those farthest from God would find their place in the Kingdom and those seeking God would find Him and grow in knowledge, wisdom and action as true disciples of Christ.

Grades: 7-12

Location: Calvary Chapel

Time: 6-8:30

Innerstate 180 is a multi-church youth group, currently operated by 5 participating churches of different denominations in Dixon. This is the big weekly gathering! Our aim is to reach the youth of Dixon in true unity within the body of Christ.

Every night, we play games, have student-led musical worship, a message by one of Dixon's youth pastor's and a time for small groups. The vision for Innerstate is that true fellowship would be found within the youth of Dixon regardless of background, denomination or lifestyle all under Biblical truth and Godly love. We will disciple the teens of Dixon together because we are stronger united than when we are apart. For more information about Innerstate 180, watch this video ->


Grades: 9-12
Location: Living Hope Church
Time: 7-8:30

One of the hardest things for high schoolers is to find a place where they can truly be themselves. The Upper Room is a weekly gathering that emphasizes in reaching the lost and finding answers to difficult questions.

The Upper Room is an outreach. What that means is that this is a place for high schoolers to invite their friends who don't know Christ, to find answers and ultimately find God. We believe that as disciples of Christ, even high schoolers are called to be missionaries in their schools. This is a tool for them as well as a place for them to ask difficult questions too.

We hang out, occasionally play games, eat food and talk. It's that simple. Dinner is served every night.. We have a box filled with (screened) student submitted questions and every night we pull a new question or topic that is relevant to them. We have a conversation facilitated by our leaders, but driven forward by the students. Often times, the conversation is so good on a question, we will continue on that topic for consecutive weeks.

Grades: 7-12
Location: Living Hope Church
Time: 7-8:30

At Living Hope, we believe that the Word of God is the first, final and sufficient authority in our lives over all things. As a youth, Jesus spent time in the temple learning from the Rabbis. He modeling for us the need to actually study the Word of God. For students who want to grow further in their faith in God, studying of the Bible is vital.

Each night, we start with some musical worship and allow a time for students to share testimonies of that week of what God did in their lives. This allows students to build each other up much like the Bible tells us, iron sharpens iron. The rest of the night is devoted to the study of the Bible and how it is relevant to our lives today. 

Our Bible study is a low key atmosphere and teens of all understandings of God can come and learn without being pressured or called out. This is simply a place to learn and grow deeper.